• Kids of All Ages
    Kids of All Ages

    Art fosters and establishes a habit of creative and innovative thinking. Through art, children develop their personal identity & communication skills. Give your child constructive, mind-building fun.

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  • One Brush, Many Uses
    One Brush, Many Uses

    Watercolours, acrylics, oils, even coffee painting are but a few mediums to employ the paint brush. Our instructors guide you in mastering this tool and developing your sensitivity to color, light, and perspective. You'll be surprised by your own artistic capacity!

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  • A Social Network of Artists
    A Social Network of Artists

    Dedicated instructors to guide you; supportive peers who appreciate your skills. Students of all ages have built lasting friendships at PSA. Explore the artist within you in this encouraging environment.

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Learn from teachers who are generous with their knowledge, eager to share their experience, and continuously creating their own artworks.

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